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Nesting CAM & Software - JETCAM Expert

Whether you are a job shop producing small runs or a multi-national company looking for complete automation, JETCAM Expert CADCAM delivers a comprehensive programming system for all punching and profiling machines - including combination machines and machines with loading/unloading equipment and/or right angle shearing. Automation features such as Remote Control Processing (RCP) allow JETCAM Expert to be tightly integrated into existing data systems such as MRP, and provide feedback for Industry 4.0 strategies.


New in v20 - JET-Cut and JET-Optimizer

JET-Cut and JET-Optimizer are major steps forward in the automation of laser machines. JET-Cut allows 'fly cutting', also known as grid cutting, to be applied to arrays of holes. Unlike other systems this happens fully automatically. In tests, cut times for complex components are regularly reduced by 25-50%.

JET-Optimizer highly optimizes the sequence of cutting internal holes to minimize machine movements while avoiding travel over already cut holes.

Fly cutting, Grid Cutting

New in v20 - Single hit to line of hits

Ideal for jobs that have hundreds or thousands of single hits, this new feature optimizes the path of any single hits creating during automatic tool placements and then converts single hits with regular spacing into lines of holes, drastically improving the nesting process.

New in v20 - Multi-tool holder logic

Updates to automatic tool assignment logic, ensuring that only used multitool holders are loaded into the turret loading screen, output into generic NC code and output into reports or report data.

New in v20 - High Performance Nesting 7 (option)

HPN7 includes further enhancements to nesting efficiency, often paying for itself in a matter of weeks in material savings alone. New compaction routines and enhancements to multiprocessor support get the job done quicker and more efficiently. (Note: additional upgrade fee applies).

Multi-sheet nesting software

...and more.

Other features include improvements to the user interface, enhancements to Right Angle Shear support, DXF filtering tweaks to significantly improve processing of complex parts, new and enhanced RCP (remote control processing) commands, which is useful when implementing Industry 4.0 strategies, support for new machines and dozens of enhancements to existing postprocessors.

These are just some of the hundreds of new features in v20, which is available free of charge to all customers with a current maintenance contract.

Interactive or automatic, and scalable for all business types

JETCAM Expert for sheet metal is available in four core versions, and also has a number of additional modules available, depending on your needs. Expert Lite provides a low cost entry system. Expert 1 builds on this, with automation such as S.C.A.P. Expert Premium supports unlimited postprocessors, complex machines and modules such as Parametric Programming and High Performance Nesting. Expert Premium Connected Automation (CA) takes this one step further by offering tight integration to existing systems such as MRP that can then remotely control the full nesting process.

FeaturesLiteExpert 1Expert PremiumPremium CA
DXF Viewer X X X X
Automatic hazard avoidance (holes and forms) X X X X
Interactive CAD with export facility X X X X
CAD drawing import for popular CAD and machine tool vendor formats X X X X
Component revision control, providing safety when generating static or dynamic nests X X X X
Automatic tool selection X X X X
Automatic micro-joints, lead-ins/outs, loops etc. Intelligently applied to parts nested at specific angles X X X X
Interactive nesting (arrays, bump nesting (free hand) and mosaic nesting) X X X X
Automatic nesting of a single component at 0 and 90 degrees X X X X
User definable machine macro commands X X X X
Automatic tool path and tool rotation optimisation with highly efficient sequencing of final cuts X X X X
Automatic repositioning and continuation of a cut over a reposition where required X X X X
Automatic parting and unloading of components at any angle X X X X
Automatic turret/magazine loading and Automatic Turret Nesting X X X X
Multiple tool libraries X X X X
Automatic placement of special tools, with new ‘exit direction’ feature to avoid collisions X X X X
Full simulation capabilities with runtime estimation data available for costing X X X X
Automatic sheet processing, including skeleton destruction, common line punching/cutting X X X X
Bevelling support X X X X
Heat avoidance X X X X
JET-Cut fully automatic Fly Cutting/JET-Optimizer X X X X
Single Component Automatic Processing (S.C.A.P.)   X X X
CAD Filtering (auto-repairing of ‘dirty’ CAD files)   X X X
Tool Teach Mode - ability to ‘learn’ preferred tooling methods   X X X
Remnant Material Management     X X
Support for combination machines     X X
Support for complex machines (i.e. FMC, FMS etc.) or machines with optional extras (tapping units etc)     X X
Complete remote control ‘Connected Automation’ from external systems (e.g. MRP etc)       X