Order Management - JETCAM Orders Controller

Available in two versions for composite users - Premium and Premium Automation, JOC Premium offers a powerful way to completely automate the process of CAD import and nesting. JOC Premium Automation takes this further by harnessing JETCAM Expert's RCP functionality to fully automate the CAD import and nesting process for multiple machines and materials.

Composite kit/assembly nesting software

Work smarter, not harder with just a few of JOC Premium's many time-saving features:

CAD Import with CSV and DXF splitting

CAD import, with CSV & DXF Splitting

Easily import any supported CAD format (inc. CATIA (XML), SolidEdge, SolidWorks and AutoDesk), with support for PPI data. One click sends all parts to JETCAM for automatic geometry creation and tooling for your selected machine, with multi-profile CAD filtering built in as standard.

Supports multiple JETCAM Expert licenses

Supports multiple JETCAM Expert seats

Use one license of JOC Premium to control multiple JETCAM Expert licenses. Send CAD files to one system to create geometry files while nesting on another.

Assembly management with revision control

Assembly management with revision control

Ensure that you always use the latest revision of a ply. Easily create complex kit assembly structures, either through drag and drop or one-click using directory structures. CAD import can also create assemblies automatically!

Drag and drop ordering

Drag and drop ordering to unlimited worklists

JOC Premium allows you to create unlimited worklists - perhaps for each operator, machine or shift. Drag and drop plies or complex assemblies onto a worklist, or automatically create and populate worklists with CSV import.

Find which nests contain one or more parts

Find which nests contain one or more ply

Select one or more ply and immediately see which nests any or all plies appear in. Double click the nest in the left pane to automatically open the nest in the nest view, ready to view cost information, open in Explorer, JETCAM or export to CSV.

Part costings across nests

Costings for plies on one or more selected nests

On the nest screen an overall cost is show to the right of each nest. Selecting multiple nests gives you an overall total, and on the order costs tab you can see the individual and total costs of each ply, even if quantities span multiple nests.

DXF Splitting software

One-click splitting of DXF nests

JOC can import an entire DXF nest, split it using user-definable profiles to ignore layers etc Individual entity files can be named based on text within the ply shape, with nests containing dozens or hundreds of plies being split in seconds.

Automatically tool CAD files during import for multiple machines.

Comprehensive Nests Batch Report

Select multiple nests and get a comprehensive merged batch report detailing material stock, components and nests, with detailed colour-coded images and information about each nest, allowing you to quickly identify parts.


Complex assemblies with full revision control can easily be created using the drag and drop interface or with one click using the directory structure. JOC Premium reads JETCAM Expert’s material databases and also allows you to store material and scrap costs for costing, which is used to display instant nest costs.

JOC Premium’s strength is in its data exchange capabilities. CAD import supports all file formats that JETCAM Expert supports (including SolidEdge, SolidWorks, CATIA, etc.), and also allows you to import a CSV list containing CAD file paths and additional PPI data. CSV order import is also supported, providing instant creation of unlimited, fully populated order lists, allowing for tight integration to legacy data systems such as MRP. Once nested, JOC Premium’s nest screen provides one-click CSV export of nest data to complete the loop.

You can quickly identify any or all nests that contain one or more components. Parametric programs can be edited, and automatic parametric ‘DO’ files can be easily created. By storing machine, operator and material costs JOC Premium also provides instant cost per nest.

Key features

  • DXF Splitter
  • Document Linking
  • Supports multiple JETCAM systems
  • Displays JETCAM material types, stock and stock value with configurable costing
  • Display any or all nests in which one or more ply are found
  • Support for Single Component Automatic Processing (SCAP) in JOC Premium, or full Remote Control Processing (RCP) in Premium Automation
  • Background CAD processing with interrupt/resume facility
  • Supports JETCAM Expert’ CAD converters (SolidEdge, Solidworks, AutoPOL, CATIA, etc.)
  • Automatic assembly construction during CAD import process
  • Improved Revision control for assemblies
  • Ability to import external orders (CSV)
  • Ability to export worksheet orders data
  • Ability to copy/move orders between worksheets
  • Nest information export to CSV for importing to legacy data systems (MRP)
  • Display cost of nest
  • Nested ply identification (part to vector or vector to part highlighting)
  • Ability to locate all nests that contain one or more selected ply

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